Private Security in Practice: Case studies from Southeast Europe

Published by:

Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF)


Private Security in Practice: Case studies from Southeast Europe

Author of Kosovo Chapter:

Donika Emini and Mentor Vrajolli


May 2017


The aim of this book is to explore and explain the impact that private security has on human rights protection, the democratic order of a country and the state’s and people’s security.

The eight case studies confirmed that private security plays an increasingly important role in the security sector in all four target countries: in Albania, Bulgaria, Kosovo and in Serbia. However, an increase in private security did not necessarily lead to an increase in security. On the contrary, the case studies show that in many instances, insecurity was merely shifted from one social group to another and that often security is provided at the expense of human rights protection.  The fact that existing regulation is often not enforced or controlled or that the state or state officials do not set clear limits to the role of private security actors, shows that there is an overall lack of awareness of the impact that private security does or should have. It also means that opportunities for private security to contribute to an increase in security are not seized because not enough is being done to ensure that private security can act in a professional and accountable manner.