Security Policies in the Western Balkans


Published by:

Centre for Civil-Military Relations



Security Policies in the Western Balkans


Research team:

Adel Abusara, Enri Hide, Florian Qehaja, Islam Yusufi, Kenan Dautović, Maja

Bjeloš, Geron Kamberi, Rajko Radević and Zvonimir Mahečić



Belgrade, 2010


The collection of papers “Security Policies in the Western Balkans” is a result of the research performed within the framework of the project “Civil Society Capacity Building to Map and Monitor the Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans”. The main objective of the project was “fostering the knowledge of the civil society in overseeing, measuring and mapping the national security processes and in promoting the cooperation between regional civil society actors in order to improve regional transparency”. Think-tanks from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo participated in the project. A very complex and worked out methodology was applied in order to achieve a set of objectives defined by the Project.