Countering Violent Extremism

This program was founded in 2015 after KCSS has published the “Report into inquiring causes and consequences of Kosovo citizens involvement as foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq”. Before that, KCSS team was extensively involved in opinion-making by providing assessments on the security risks deriving from increasing violent extremist groups. The program intends to analyze the Violent Extremism phenomena and Preventing Violent Extremism at a community level. This program is implemented in a local level in all municipalities of Kosovo, involving relevant actors such as municipal representatives, representatives of civil society, and representatives of security sector, Islamic Community of Kosovo and representatives of the media. In a central level KCSS, has been involved in drafting the National Strategy against Violent Extremism, partaking in drafting policies on violent extremism, advocating through research etc.

Besides working in Kosovo, KCSS is engaged in the region as well giving our contribution in the region of the Western Balkans. Our research and analysis show that there is a connection between countries in this region and we believe that in order to be successful in countering violent extremism a regional perspective is needed. KCSS program on Countering Violent Extremism has expanded internationally, working with different organizations that are well known globally such as: US Institute for Peace, UK Royal United Service Institute (RUSI), Berghof Institute, Norwegian Council for Foreign Affairs (NUPI) etc. From July 2016, KCSS is a member of the Resolve Network leaded by Institute for Peace, part of which are leading think tanks and institutes worldwide that deal with violent extremism.

One of the main purposes of the program is awareness raising of citizens on the risks of violent extremism. One of the main methods that KCSS has decided to do this, is through organizing lectures and discussions with high school students in Kosovo. KCSS team has visited more than 100 high schools and has met with more than 1000 young students. Moreover, KCSS team through its Countering Violent Extremism program is engaged in a community/grass – root level, involving representatives of the communities in its discussions, conferences and other activities.