The field of women, peace and security has grown dramatically after the adoption of the UNSCR 1325 in 2000. Following the global trends on this issue which has extensively provided a deeper understanding of the role of women in establishing and maintaining global peace and security, KCSS has started implementing projects in this field.

Since the establishment of the KCSS, the team aimed to offer professional, expert level policy analysis on gender and security sector. KCSS actively advocates on the equal gender representation and recruitment in the security services and institutions. Hence, the main objectives of this programe are:

1)          increasing and assuring active participation of women in decision-making and peace-building processes; and

2)          introducing gender mainstreaming in the security sector.

To help address these challenges, KCSS provides research and recommendations for ways forward on the core issues of the women, peace and security agenda.

All projects implemented in the framework of this program aim to provide a comprehensive analysis on the overall situation of women representation in the Kosovo security institutions and the implementation level of the UNSCR 1325.