Integrity in the Security Sector

Established  in  2015,  the  Integrity  Programme  of  the  KCSS  known  as  the Monitoring  and  Assessing  the Integrity  in  the  Security  Institutions  in  Kosovo  is  a  specific  programme  aiming  to  enhance  professional integrity  of  the  security  sector  in  Kosovo.  This  programs  specifically  targets  the  Kosovo  Police  and  the Kosovo  Security  Force  as  well  as  the  supervision  and  external  bodies  which  oversee the  activities  of those two institutions.

There are six pillars of the internal good governance of the Kosovo Police and the Kosovo Security Force that compose the foundations of the KCSS Integrity Programme: (1) human resources management; (2) transparency; (3) accountability; (4) financial management; (5) monitoring the  inappropriate exercise of official  position  and  corruption  cases  by members  of the  Kosovo  Police  and  the  Kosovo  Security  Force; and (6) the potential politicization of the security institutions in Kosovo.

Apart  from  this,  the  KCSS  within  this  programme  intends  to  involve  also  other  security  institutions, including   the   Kosovo   Intelligence   Agency,   the   Emergency   Management   Agency,   Private   Security Companies, etc.