Corruption Risk in the Kosovo Police

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) as part of regional network of civil society organizations POINTPULSE, has organized today the conference titled “Corruption Risk in the Kosovo Police”.

The aims of the conference was to raise discussions with respect to building police integrity, with particular emphasis on challenges towards prevention and fighting corruption in the Kosovo Police from the relevant institutions.

Invited as panelists were:

Mr. Brahim Sadriu, Human Resource Department, Kosovo Police

Mr. Burim Raçi,  Head of Investigation Department, Kosovo Police

Mr. Naim Krasniqi,  Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN Kosovo)

Mr. Plator Avdiu, Researcher, Kosovar Centre for Security Studies

Mr. Mentor Vrajolli, Senior Researcher, Kosovar Centre for Security Studies

Key issues that were be discussed during the conference are:

Performance of police internal control bodies to prevent police corruption;

Measures that have been undertaken by the Kosovo Police against police corruption;

Performance of the State Prosecutor on fighting police corruption;

Public perceptions in Kosovo regarding the corruption risk within the Kosovo Police;

Contribution of civil society organisations and media in Kosovo to strengthen the police integrity.

The conference is part of the project “Western Balkans Pulse for Police Integrity and Trust”. The project is supported by the European Union through the “Civil Society Facility” programme. The views expressed in the project are exclusively the views of KCSS and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

Prishtina, 08 December 2017