Human rights, peace and security - Strenghtening the links

KCSS Executive Director, is attending the 15th annual conference organized by Wilton Park in n partnership with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The annual conference is focused on  human rights series, specifically on human rights in conflict prevention, peace- building and sustainable peace, exploring the interlinkage between human rights and the security framework from the perspectives of policy makers and practitioners.

This Wilton Park conference has convened up to 55 people drawn from key donor countries; a selection of affected countries and/or regions; policy makers (Geneva and New York); human rights defenders and advocates; field practitioners, relevant international and regional bodies.

This meeting aims to:

 Identify practical ways in which to integrate human rights discourse into conflict prevention and mediation

 Enhance understanding of how human rights frameworks can contribute to sustainable peace

 Strengthen links among key agencies and actors, particularly across a spectrum of policymakers, civil society and frontline practitioners

 Generate the emergence of expert networks to take forward actions and proposals.