KCSS Chair of Board successfully completed Royal College of Defence Studies

KCSS Chair of Board Dr Florian Qehaja has successfully the flagship defence leadership programme of the Royal College of Defence Studies (RCDS) in London. RCDS prepares selected senior military officers and government officials as well as appropriate individuals from the private sector, from the UK and elsewhere, for senior leadership and management roles. RCDS is designed to prepare future leaders in understanding the international strategic context, to be skilled in analysis and able to work across national, cultural and ideological boundaries. Dr Qehaja represented Kosovo among 54 nations and 115 members.

After completion of the RCDS, Dr Qehaja stated

“RCDS is an excellent and unique programme and will serve as key milestone in my career progression. I feel utterly privileged and honoured to have been spending one year in such advanced programme. I have gained considerable deal of knowledge on the international context, learned extensively on strategy and strategic making and extended my network of international colleagues and partners from the globe.”

The RCDS Directing Staff rated highly the performance of Dr Qehaja in academic terms as well as other activities. The key messages of the final review were:

“Dr Qehaja has significant latent potential, which is underpinned by both a keen intellect and a willingness to learn and develop. He can not only articulate perfectly his argument but can easily convince the audience and his counterparts: these two combined make him a future strategic leader. He is an impressive official – he has very evident intellect, very good communication skills and a very good way with people. This is a winning combination enabling him to think and operate at the strategic level and within an international setting. An excellent ambassador for Kosovo, he has a bright future.”