Launching of report: Multiethnicity destruction tendencies: Massive resignations of Serbian members from the Kosovo Security Force and Serbia’s role.

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) today, on 19th of September 2018, has organized a conference for the publication of its next report related with the resignations of Serbian members of Kosovo Security Force (KSF) and Serbia’s role in this process.

The massive resignations of Serb members of KSF have caused a broad debate in Kosovo and Serbia, resulting with negative implications and jeopardizing the dialogue for normalizing relations between the two countries. Serbia’s role in this regards marks one of the most brutal interferences in Kosovo’s institutions and shows lack of willingness in Serbia’s side to normalize its relations with Kosovo. KCSS through this research has recommended that Kosovo institutions should persistently seek the support of the international presence in the country for the preparation of a strategy for further integration of the Serb community in the KSF and through it foresee the measures that should be taken to prevent new outbreaks.

This conference gathered representatives of local and international institutions, media and civil society representatives who gave their contribution in addressing this topic, which is a quite sensitive topic in the region.