Launching of the report “The citizens' opinion of the police: The Results of a Public Opinion Survey Conducted in Kosovo”

On November 6th, the KCSS presented the findings of the report on “THE CITIZENS’ OPINION OF THE POLICE: The Results of a Public Opinion Survey Conducted in Kosovo”. According to this research, the Kosovo Police still remains as the most positively perceived institution by respondents. The results showed that trust in the police has been increased compared to 2017. However, a confusing situation was further introduced with regards to respondents’ satisfaction with Kosovo Police.

These findings were discussed with representatives from Kosovo Police, Police Inspectorate of Kosovo and Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. Even though the representatives were delighted with the high level of citizens’ trust, they expressed their commitment to fight activities that might harm citizens such as corruption and political influence. Furthermore, the participants highlighted that they are aware that their transparency is a key element which harms citizens trust. Bearing in mind that rise of transparency of KP has been a key recommendation of KCSS, the representatives voiced that they are willing to push for a better transparency.

The research findings were presented by KCSS Researcher Donika Marku and the discussion was moderated by KCSS Researcher Donika Emini. The event took place in KCSS offices in Prishtina.

This report is part of regional initiative’s Pointpulse and is funded by the European Union.