Launching the Journalists’ guide – Violent Extremism: Definition and Terminology

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies on the framework of the project "Countering Violent extremism through communication" and with the support of US Embassy in Prishtina, today on 24th of June 2018 published the manual: “Journalists’ guide – Violent Extremism: Definition and Terminology”.

The manual provides recommendations on different ways of reporting about violent extremism related issues. Among other things, the report contains interpretations of over 50 terminologies that have been identified as most used by extremist groups, recommendations on when and how to use those words and offers different alternatives on the usage of those terms. The report emphasizes  the importance of medias role on preventing violent extremism and the necessity of fair reporting on events related to this phenomenon, in order to provide the public with a clear picture of the situation and to lock the potential for misinterpretation.

The publishing of this report was preceded by various meetings with journalists and editors of local and national medias and based on the lessons learned from those meetings a need assesment was made for standardization of the terminology usage, creation of counter-messages for violent extremist groups propaganda and the need to avoid the unintentional promotion of individuals and groups with extreme ideologies.

The publishing of the report gathered representativesfrom Diplomatic missions in Kosovo, civilian and military missions representatives, Kosovo’s assemebly and government representatives and civil society representatives who highly appreciated the handbook considering the need for one.