Parandalimi dhe luftimi i Ekstremizmit të Dhunshëm në Kosovë përmes angazhimit të rinjve dhe komunitetit

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS), today, on February 12, 2019, has organized the meeting with local stakeholders in the Municipality of Prishtina as part of the project "Preventing and Combating Violent Extremism in Kosovo through Youth and Community Engagement", supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo.

Parts of the panel were:

Mrs. Vesë Kelmendi, KCSS

Mrs. Mimoza Hasani-Pllana, Educational program Expert for CVE at Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

The panel was moderated by: Mrs. Rudina Jakupi, KCSS.

Mrs. Kelmendi presented the latest findings of public perceptions about violent extremism in Kosovo as well as the work and achievements of the KCSS in combating violent extremism and the organizations contribution to drafting the National Strategy and showed KCSS readiness for cooperation with local level to prevent violent extremism.

Mrs. Hasani- Pllana, focused  her presentation on issues for the recognition of teachers with the basic concepts of PV: extremism, radicalism and terrorism, and on raising awareness of youth on online platforms and the promotion of a manual for the prevention of violent extremism.

Part of this meeting were: Municipal actors, representatives from religious communities, representatives of institutions, security institutions and media.