Parandalimi i ekstremizmit religjioz, etnik dhe politik në Kosovë: Perspektiva e komunitetit të Mitrovicës së Veriut

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies in cooperation with Humani Center and NGO Aktiv from North Mitrovica has organized today, 16th of May 2018 the roundtable entitled “Preventing political and religious extremism in Kosovo: Northern Mitrovica community perspectives” which was supported by "Kosovo institutions’ additional support in fighting organized crime, corruption and violent extremism" project. This project is implemented by EU office in Kosovo via B&S Europe based in Brussels.

The purpose of this activity is to promote the importance of “Strategy and Action Plan on Prevention of Violent Extremism and Radicalization Leading to Terrorism 2015-2020”, to discuss it with citizens and highlight their role in direct engagement in the implementation of the strategy. The participants discussed on various phenomenon’s that Kosovo citizens face and gave their recommendations on how the citizens of North Mitrovica can directly contribute in drafting, implementing and monitoring policies and strategies in Kosovo.

The roundtable gathered the representatives from Kosovo Police, representative from Kosovo’s government, representatives from International Missions in Kosovo and civil society representatives. The roundtable was moderated by Mentor Vrajolli – Secretary and Senior Researcher – KCSS.