Publication of the Kosovar Security Barometer: Eighth Edition

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) on 23rd of November 2018, has published the report Kosovo Security Barometer (KSB) - Eighth Edition. The Kosovo Security Barometer (BKS) is a special program by which the KCSS measures public perceptions. This edition has measured trust of Kosovo citizens on key security and justice  institutions in the country. The eighth edition of the KSB consists of two chapters. The first chapter measures citizens perceptions of trust in security, justiceand central institutions, while the second chapter records perceptions of citizens about the internal risks and threats that Kosovo faces.

The research’s findings were presented by KCSS researcher, Mrs. Donika Marku. Security institutions continue to be the most trusted in Kosovo. Kosovo citizens trust more security institutions than those of the justice or the central ones. The Kosovo Security Force has again been ranked as the most trusted institution in Kosovo. 77% of respondents said they trust the KSF. According to the findings of KSB 2018, Kosovo Police (KP) continues to be a trustworthy institution in the eyes of citizens, where 61% of citizens expressed their trust in this institution. On the other hand, KIA stands as the security institution stands as the least trusted institution where only 20% of respondents have said they trust this institution.

Following the presentation of the report, a discussion regarding the findings of the report followed where participants commented on factors or events leading to these perceptions of the citizens. This conference was attended by representatives of the Kosovo Security Force, Kosovo Police, civil society organizations, embassies and the media.

The report can be found HERE