Publication of the report: Perception of Serbian community towards Kosovo Police - A friend or a foe?

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS) today, on 29th of August 2019, has published the research report entitled: “Perception of Serbian community towards Kosovo Police: a friend or a foe?”. This paper summarizes the existing state of play with respect to the K-Serb community stance towards the KP in the majority Serbian inhabited municipalities by focusing on the four northern municipalities of Kosovo. It covers the main events and developments in context and presents public perception towards KP as a result of political tensions in the north and an overall state of fear among the population.

Additionally, the paper analyzes the main safety concerns of the K-Serb community and offers several recommendations to address such concerns and challenges from a community perspective.

The conference concluded that regardless of the challenges, the integration of the K-Serb community into KP should be a continuous process. KP should base this process on the needs and challenges of the K-Serb community and provide them with proper representation and attention to their safety concerns. KP and other local security mechanisms should undertake various activities to make their mandates and work clear to the K-Serb community.

The presentation of the report was followed by a panel discussion consisted of:

- Mr. Besim Hoti, Kosovo Police

- Mr. Xhelal Sveçla, Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs, Security and Oversight of the Kosovo Security Force

- Mr. Veroljub Petrovic, Humani Centar Mitrovica

- Mrs. Donika Marku, Researcher

This report is published in the framework of the project “Increasing the trust between Kosovo Police among Serbian community in Kosovo” supported by the Balkans Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshal Fund of the United States.