Speech of the KCSS Director on the occasion of the 10th anniversary

Ladies and Gentleman,

Dear participants,

Allow me to welcome you to the 10th-anniversary ceremony of the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies (KCSS).

KCSS was established on April 17, 2008, as an independent and non-governmental institute with the objective of conducting analyzes, policy-making and organizing conferences in the broader field of security. There is no coincidence that KCSS was established at the same time when Kosovo declared its Independence. This due to the need for a special institute that works only with the security issues.

During these 10 years, we have managed to consolidate beyond our initial goals, not only being a reference for security studies in Kosovo but positioned very well in the regional and international research area. Our team did not only fulfil our goals to serve as an alternative expertise in the security field, but we managed to cover the academic research gap by providing national and international students a credible, evidence-based research. We succeeded to be part of key regional and international platforms by placing not only KCSS in a high position but also promoting Kosovo’s state-building and research development values.

Our work had a concrete impact in many areas. Especially, it is worth pointing out the reduction and prevention of violent extremism, in which the engagement and work of our staff were truly appreciated at all levels. We have contributed in aligning the security sector standards in good governance and building up integrity in security institutions. We successfully advocated for Kosovo’s involvement in regional security initiatives as well as NATO.

KCSS is truly grateful to many stakeholders who financially supported us in achieving our mission. I will mention some of them: The European Union, US State Department, NATO, Norwegian Government, Swiss Government, NED USA, Soros Foundation and so on.

We are encouraged to continue our mission of conducting analysis, advocating and capacity building in the future because we believe that by doing we will contribute to society and state building.