Twenty Years After: Perspectives and Challenges for the Western Balkans

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies - KCSS and Balkans Policy Research Group – BPRG have organized the International Conference “Twenty Years After: Perspectives and Challenges for the Western Balkans”. This conference took place on May 29, 2019 in Prishtina. The aim of the conference was to discuss and analyze the perspectives, challenges and contemporary trends between Western Balkans countries, EU and NATO in the area of peacekeeping missions and integration, and identify the best approaches in reaching a stable cooperation in the region.

The conference consisted of 4 sessions that consisted of prominent panelists that are mostly engaged in the security sector and cover international relation issues. These panels discussed on the challenges of the Western Balkans, the most effective way to address those challenges and what more can the EU, U.S. and NATO do to put the Western Balkans on a stable and prosperous path. The speakers and participants analyzed the most contemporary trends on R2P (Responsibility to Protect) developments at a global and regional level, with particular regard given to the Western Balkans.

Moreover, the conference addressed the current and future cooperation between the Western Balkan countries with the EU, NATO, UN and OSCE in the area of peacekeeping missions and the position of Western Balkans on such missions. Among other, a fruitful discussion took place on Kosovo – Serbia relations from a regional and international point of view.

The conference brought together around 200 institutional representatives, diplomats, experts, academics, students, media and civil society representatives from Kosovo, EU, U.S, Norway, Hungary, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Russia, North Macedonia, Albania and Serbia. The conference was supported by the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo and Open Society Foundation.