Youth in Action - Critical thinking debate in Municipality of Obliqi

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies, on the 30th of January 2018, has organized the critical thinking debate with high school students in the Municipality of Obiliq as part of the project “Preventing and  Countering Violent Extremism in Kosovo through Youth and Community Engagement” which is supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Kosovo.

The purpose of this activity is to inform young students about the violent extremism phenomenon and highlight their role in preventing the phenomenon. The students were informed about different methods of official debating and group work. Groups formed by the students discussed different topics related to violent extremism, presented their findings at other groups and engaged in an interactive debate about the topics they participated in. Through such activities we want to make sure that young students are engaged in platforms of development of critical thinking on various phenomena that they may face in their community.

This activity gathered around 25 students who learned more on how to find different sources of information, how to present arguments in a debate and presented the challenges they face in their schools and communities and offered us their recommendations on how to approach the problem in a  genuine way and what role they might have in our common purpose.