Programme on Regional Cooperation in the Security Sector

(Defense, Law Enforcement, and Justice Mechanisms)

Through this programme, KCSS aims to offer professional, expert level policy analysis aiming to identify the  main strategic  partners  in  Kosovo’s  foreign  policy,  list  the  most  laudable  and  relevant  regional security  initiatives from  which  Kosovo  can  benefit,  advocate  and  push  forward  the  processes  in  the policy  making  cycle  aiming to speed  the  reforms  aiming  to  ensure  Kosovo’s  accession  in  regional  and international security mechanisms.

This  programme  consists  of  numerous  projects  starting  from  the  unique  annual  publications  aiming  to measure the  public  perceptions  towards  foreign  policy  and  regional  cooperation,  police  cooperation between  Kosovo  and Serbia,  representation  of  Kosovo  in  regional  security  initiatives,  and  lastly  the membership of Kosovo in international organisation.

To  achieve  the  overarching  goal,  KCSS  use a regional  civil  society consortiums  to  promote  regional cooperation in  the CSO  sector  as  well as inclusive  and  representative regional cooperation.

To  analyse  mechanisms  and achievements  of  bilateral  and  multilateral  security cooperation between states. To analyse the main events and processes and map the stakeholders/ actors which might foster regional cooperation in the Balkans. Within this thematic area, KCSS is developing a unique basis for  analysis  of  security  potentials  and  opportunities  for  better inclusiveness  of  Kosovo  in  the regional   and   international   security   mechanisms   aiming   to   propose   practical   policies   for improving regional stability and security.

To  offer  structured  analysis  aiming  to  offer  complex  scenarios  serving  as  potential  alternatives for  Kosovo  to overcome  the  challenges  in  its  path  to  accession  in  regional  and  international security mechanisms.  To initiate and coordinate regional projects in cooperation with other relevant partners from the region, analyse closely the main event in Kosovo’s foreign policy, dialogue with Serbia aiming to monitor and evaluate the process and implementation of the agreements signed in Brussels.

To  monitor  the  developments  and  reforms  in  the security  sector  in  Kosovo  and  other  regional countries,

To advocate and offer expertise along with other CSOs in the region aiming to promote regional cooperation, EU and NATO perspective for the region.