The citizens’ views against violent extremism and radicalization in Kosovo

Published by:

Kosovar Centre for Security Studies


Kosovo Security Barometer - Special Edition

The citizens’ views against violent extremism and radicalization in Kosovo


Vesë Kelmendi


13th of June 2016


Kosova Security barometer (bKS) is a special program of the Kosova Centre for Security Studies (KCSS), designed to serve as an annual publication. Apart from general findings, the program issues special editions in areas previously defined. The main focus of the bKS is to measure the perceptions of the public about the institutions and policymaking in the field of security. It also measures the public perception of internal and external threats to security in Kosova.

This special edition of bKS is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders interested to follow citizens’ perceptions of violent extremism and radicalization in Kosovo. Specifically, it addresses an audience that is interested to follow the trends of public opinion in Kosovo with special emphasis on Kosova citizens’ trust in and contact with religious institutions in Kosovo; threats and risks arising from the terrorist formations such as ISIS and al-Nusra; perception of the rehabilitation of returnees from Syria and Iraq as well as perceptions of the Kosovar government’s strategy to deal with this phenomenon. In general, bKS is aimed at the state level policy makers, international actors in Kosova, as well as local organizations, religious communities, civil society, academia and media.