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Skënder Perteshi

Researcher/Programe Coordinator

Brief biography:

Skender is graduated in International Relations and Diplomacy at University College “Universum”. Skender is working as a researcher at KCSS, and is head of the KCSS programm on countering and preventing violent extremism in KCSS. Skender is author and co-author of many researcher reports related security topics such as: Integrity in Kosovo Security Sector, risks and threats towards national security, preventing and countering of violent extremism and terrorism, and reforming of security sector.

Skender has worked also as a junior/senior associate and consultant for international and local organizations in security related topics such as: Finn Church Aid Foundation- Heksinki, RUSI institute, International Organization of Migration (IOM) , OSCE and other organizations.

Skender's Research Interests include: Integrity in the Security Sector, Defence Reform (KSF), Violent Extremism and Radicalization, Countering terrorism, Vetting in Security sector, Intelligence Reform, Regional and international security cooperation.




Tel: +383 38 221 420

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