Monday, 7 December @ Zoom

9:30AM – 11:30AM ET (3:30PM – 5:30PM Central European Time)


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After unprecedented interest in the US Presidential election, the election of Joe Biden has generated unprecedented anticipation across the Balkans.  As the region (like the United States) struggles with an upsurge in covid-19 infections, ethno-national tensions are also on the rise.  We’ve heard the views of officials, the media and commentators about overall relations, and the prospects for a breakthrough on the oldest dispute in former Yugoslavia: the stand-off over Kosovo.  Now it’s time to find out what the citizens of Serbia and Kosovo think:

How important is the Kosovo dispute to Serbs?  Do they believe a new conflict is brewing? Should Serbia intervene militarily if Kosovo Serbs are endangered?

 What about Kosovars?  Do they believe that Kosovo and Serbia will have peaceful and normal relations in the near future?

 Are Serbs & Kosovars believers in the ‘land swap’?

 Is there confidence in the EU-led Dialogue? Toward what end?

 What do Serbs and Kosovars think about the EU?  Do they believe membership is a possibility – or have they given up?

 What about opinions on the US, and the recent ‘Washington Agreement’?

 Is Russia the best friend that Serbia has – or perhaps China? Does Russia try to spoil the US and EU political, military, and economic investment in Kosovo?

These are among the critical questions posed to Serbs and Kosovars in recent, parallel surveys conducted by two leading regional think-tanks: the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy and the Kosovar Centre for Security Studies.  Join us as experts from the region explain the surprising results of the surveys and discuss the implications for US and EU policy.  Sponsored by the Foreign Policy Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, "Serbia & Kosovo: What Do Citizens Think?" brings much-needed focus on the voices and views of those most affected by high-level political developments.